The Near Future Report Review
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NL Brand Reviews - June 10, 2022

Do you have an interest in investing in Tech Stocs? Feel overwhelmed with all the tech news and new companies forming?

You aren't alone. Jeff Brown, the editor of The Near Future Report, started his monthly newsletter of tech stock picks in 2017.

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The Near Future Report is a monthly newsletter edited by Jeff Brown, Investor.

Published by Brownstone Research (formerly Bonner and Partners).

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Read The Near Future Report Reviews – Is Jeff Brown Really THAT Good?

Do you want access to inside information from a Silicon Valley expert - so you know where to invest your hard-earned money for unreal massive profits? You've known for years this information is available, but only to a select few. Certainly not "regular guys" like me.

If there is one thing I have zero patience for, that is when a product or service makes promises and fails to deliver. So we put our cynical cap on when reviewing The Near Future Report. This one-of-a-kind research investment advisory service promises to bring cutting edge information to the everyday "regular guy" investor. The key to The Near Future Report is the opportunities to get in at ground level with companies poised to become major players in their respective markets.

What's the "insider secret" to making real money today? That's simple. "Going tech." Put another way, you would be wise to invest in start-ups. Can you imagine if you had invested in the ground floor of companies such as Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.? And the next big success has yet to be discovered...

Can you really get the edge you need from The Near Future Report? Is there rock-solid, privileged information within? We decided the only way to know for sure was to put it to the test. So we jumped in…

Before we proceed, I need to disclose to you that we currently have a paid marketing relationship with them, but this was after we had completed our due diligence and had many wins following Jeff's advice.

I know what you are thinking, "What if this report is just like the others?" Overpromises and Underdelivers. Am I right?!?!

Read on for our findings, and you are considering a purchase, well, we will tell you why we not only bought access to Jeff's report, but we have stayed an active subscriber. It is that good. Getting access to information at the early stage was the biggest key for us.

Or if you've already made up your mind, just click right here to get access to The Near Future Report.

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What do you exactly receive for your money with The Near Future Report?

Our first impression was The Near Future Report was more than the title suggests. This is not just some weak report, no, this is a full-on specialty advisory research service focused on the latest happenings direct from Silicon Valley, top-notch tech research, and the untold opportunities of startups, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other possibilities for you to become a truly savvy investor in the 21st century.

When you sign up, what do you get?


First, you'll get personal access to The Near Future Report website,

which I visit on a daily basis: If you want a trusted place to find out about investment opportunities very few outside of Jeff Brown's subscribers know about. (More about Jeff Brown in a minute…)


The must-have monthly Near Future newsletter:

As they say in the investing world, having the right information at the right time is the most vital contributor to your success.


Timely "Members Only" email alerts:

When Jeff Brown knows he can't wait for the next publication to make a company known because it is a timely opportunity, Jeff will email his members. These alerts will contain the company name, ticker, and symbol of the company, the "buy up-to price," where to set your stop-loss, and so much more.


You will also receive Jeff Brown's Special Insider report:

How to Make 21 Times Your Money from the ‘Crypto Effect’: This is his entire breakdown of the complex crypto market in simple terms. He also gives his three "best plays" which he believes can product killer profits in just the next few months.


You also get access to all of Jeff Brown's archived reports and back issues:

Yes, you not only get the current information, but you can go back and see how often Jeff was right, so you have full confidence in his strategy, research, and feel for the investment arena.


The Near Future Portfolio:

Getting real-time information over every single recommendation from Jeff Brown investor, including the profits made by each.


Full and complete customer support:

Via phone and email. You won't feel all alone. Ever.


Exponential Tech Investor

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Now, Jeff Brown. Who is this guy?

Jeff BrownBrown is a brilliant investor, pure and simple. He is also the author of The Near Future Report. If you go back in 2015, Brown advised his readers to invest in Bitcoin. He nailed that one and has been called "Jeff Brown Bitcoin Guru." Now with Bitcoin, a fraction of what it was over a year, and a lot of investors felt burned. The fact is, those "burned investors" were not subscribers to Jeff's Reports and reaping the benefits of his blockchain recommendations.

Jeff has put in more than 25 years as a highly paid and respected corporate executive for tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley. He has also cut his teeth in the tech market working in Tokyo, the spot where tech is red hot in Asia.

He's not shy as he freely gives TV interviews, lectures speak at private tech conferences around the world, and has held top-level positions in various different billion-dollar tech companies. Suffice to say, when it comes to new tech and the knowledge as to where to invest, he’s one of the best there is. Period.

Who is The Near Future Report written for?

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley are synonymous. His advice has helped us in ways we did not expect. So if you’re fed up with the 1 or 2 percent gains that banks offer, tired of the short 10 or 20 percent rises you could get from following blue-chip Wall Street corporations, you get ill just thinking about Forex and the headaches that come with currency deals, and you've definitely had enough of looking at alternative investments such as fine wines, antiquities, and other options that move at a snail's pace, then maybe the time for you to get in the hot market of technology, and the explosive potential it brings.

The Pros and Cons of The Near Future Report

The Pros

Jeff Brown (editor) is known as being in the ‘inner circle’ as a Silicon Valley insider with technology companies and technology stocks. Others might profess to be an insider, but their results don't speak of being an actual insider. Because within the tech industry there are ‘circles’ and then there’s the hallowed ground only a select few know. How large do you think these "trusted inner circles" are? If you answered "extremely small" then you'd be right. And Brown is a part of this inner circle, which allows him to bring you something that most other ‘experts’ just don't know because they aren't aware.

As soon as you sign up you’re in, thanks to the beauty of everything being online and coming directly to your inbox. It's fast and easy.

The information you receive is the most cutting edge information possible. This means that the profit potential is the best out there – thanks to the fact that you’re able to buy in at ground level.

All of the necessary research into such companies has been done for you by Brown and his top team. It is then double checked, triple checked, and more – so all you need to do is follow the advice and make the recommended trades.

The Cons

Investing in start-ups and the like is a risk. But you already know that. That’s why the potential for such large gains are truly possible. And benefiting from the incredible (and virtually secret) research from the guru that is Jeff Brown certainly brings that risk down to an acceptable level. After all, you don’t make the uber-fortunes that he and those who have followed his work have done time and time again without being seriously good at what you do.


What's The Bottom Line?

We’ve reviewed many such ‘alternative’ advisory research services in the past. But never one from a guy who really is in-the-know when it comes to such opportunities. In fact, we’re pretty amazed at how good it is and the insight Brown provides.

If you want to tap into the genius that is Jeff Brown then you must get his The Near Future Report.

to see for yourself that he is as good as I've experienced and shared with you here.

So if you’re not happy with The Near Future Report, you simply say the word and you get 100% of your money back. It's that simple. And that, we have to say, shows how serious the product is. The Near Future Report could honestly be a life-changer. Are you ready to take that step? We fully endorse it and you'll see for yourself how your investment portfolio can take a huge step into the black.

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