The Casey Report Review

Doug Casey writes and publishes The Casey Report.

The Casey Report serves over 70,000 subscribers with financial and business advice. We will be completing a full review of The Casey Report after implementing all the advice inside.

The Casey Report free trial includes a copy of several other Doug Casey classics, including Totally Incorrect Volume 2, Uranium Bull, Last Chance for Marijuana Millions, and the Casey Daily Dispatch. The Casey Report review will be up in its entirety shortly.

TL;DR Summary (Too long; didn’t read):

Casey Research is dedicated to producing one of the best financial newsletters available. It can be best described by saying that it can help you not only recognize the right investment opportunities, but also to be prepared for a market downturn.

The newsletter is focused for speculative investors. If your investment strategy is one conservative in nature, this is not the newsletter for you.

Are you concerned over a possible downturn in the economy in the near future? Unsure of how to invest or how to protect yourself? This is exactly what Casey Research focuses on.

What Exactly Is Casey Research and Doug Casey?

Doug Casey, who has been described as a contrarian investor (an investment style in which investors purposefully go against prevailing market trends), decided to create an investment advisory service and Casey Research was born. The focus of the service from Casey’s team is to help those who are self-directed investors earn superior returns. Taking the contrarian approach, the investment research takes advantage of market dislocations. So instead of losing money in a downturn, you could earn a profit, with an opportunity to make a substantial profit.

What is their edge?

Casey believes that market dislocations are caused by government interference and is a strong supporter of free markets. By finding the dislocations, Casey can pinpoint key profitable investments which other research firms miss.

While most “research firms” will teach questionable and risky trading strategies to “play the peaks and valleys”, Casey takes a different approach. Instead, he recommends focusing on quality plays where trends can be both identified and exploited. This comes in the package of quality companies and markets.

The two key areas Casey’s team places their emphasis on is precious metals and tech companies.

Who Is Doug Casey?

Casey is not only the founder of Casey Research, but the main driving force behind its continued success. He has traveled the world and experienced other cultures, and has lived in ten different countries. This has molded his approach to investing, which has been described as unconventional. Often, you will find him at the center of controversies as he goes against the grain regularly.

Casey started his investing career, along with giving advice in the early ’70s. His first book, Crisis Investing, was the best-selling financial book of the year (1980) and was on The New York Times bestseller list.

His authorship is also stamped on the following: Strategic Investing, The International Man, Totally Incorrect and Right on the Money. You can also find him at FreedomFest, the world’s “largest gathering of free minds” where he is the keynote speaker.

Casey Research is based in Vermont, however, Casey himself resides in Argentina. It is at this location which Casey says gives him the edge and a true perspective without getting clouded by the noise of Wall Street.

How Does Casey Research Work Exactly?

While access to the most exceptional financial information available is on a paid basis, Casey Research provides more free content and advice than most financial research sites. Each person often takes away something different from reading the information from Casey Research and it has much to do with your own personal investment philosophies.

The Casey Research team believes The Greater Depression is on the horizon. This is a key factor on why they recommend investing in precious metals, especially gold and silver.

How Much Will Casey Research Set Me Back?

There are many options for you to choose from depending upon your investment strategies and philosophies. Casey Research believes you should only pay for what you need instead of clouding your head with unnecessary research that goes against your personal strategies. The following are available:

The Casey Report – $199/year

This is the cornerstone of Casey Research. If you are unsure which subscription to sign up for, this one is it. This newsletter analyzes global economics and markets to identify emerging trends and the investment opportunities long before the masses invest. This gives you a “ground floor opportunities” without the high “ground floor risk.” Recommendations include: buy a certain stock, a physical commodity, an ETF, a mutual fund or even an option or futures contract. All recommendations from Casey Research have one goal: to help you profit from a developing trend they have uncovered.

The Casey Report subscription includes:

Immediate access to The Casey Report. We found each report was around 40 pages and the writing style was quite easy-to-read. We found the report was loaded with information, insight and actionable recommendations. We found very little fluff which was a welcomed change from other publications.

You will also receive online access to the archives, which includes all the past issues of the Casey Report.

Online access to The Casey Report portfolio, and a library packed with valuable subscriber-only special reports and articles.

International Speculator – $2,500/year

Chief Editor Dave Forest heads this report. Written for the seasoned investor, this report has been going strong for over 30 years. Want to know the best precious metals small-cap exploration companies for speculative investments?. This is your report. The report also includes companies that mine gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. It further drills down with top-notch research to discover investment plays in industrial base metals like copper, nickel and lead. The research is focused on small companies that are on the edge of major finds, which can cause their share prices to take off like a rocket ship. And if you can position yourself correctly, the value of your portfolio will soar as well, sometimes overnight.

The subscription includes:

Immediate access to the current issue, archives, as well as the library.

The topics you must know and understand to invest successfully in the junior mining sector and become a sharpened international speculator.

Weekly updates with breaking news on the recommended stocks in the report.

FAQs on precious metals investment topics.

An interactive portfolio of stocks currently being followed, along with links to research charts and information on corporate structures, management, industry trends, and much more.

Access to Casey Research’s Research Tools, including a resource dictionary, the company‘s “Knowledge Base”, and articles on investing and investment strategies.

Casey Crisis Speculator – $349/year

Brand new from the research team at Casey Research, and Doug Casey and his protégé, Nick Giambruno are the main contributors. The focus of this report is Casey and Giambruno search internationally for the optimum crisis-related opportunities. This allows you opportunity to profit from a financial crisis. Their edge? Identifying “fundamentally sound businesses whose stock prices have been hammered down by fear, crisis, and politically caused distortions”.

Your subscription includes:

Immediate access to the current month’s issue, which is packed full of crisis investing opportunities.

You also get online access to every past issue of Crisis Speculator and every special report that has been released.

Immediate online access to a portfolio of investment recommendations currently being followed, along with links to research charts and information on corporate structures, management, industry trends, and more.

The Casey’s Club

While currently closed to new members, this all-in-one membership awards you full-access to all of the company’s investment advisories for one single price.

The Guarantee

With any subscription from Casey Research you can cancel at any time within the first 30 days for a complete 100% refund.

Pros of Casey Research

Very few investments, or investment managers, have the ability to withstand a serious downturn in the financial markets and be profitable. It is said that the only way to do so is to be a contrarian investor, like Doug Casey. The reality is few investment managers are. Casey Research gives you a real opportunity to profit from market downturns, or more specifically from the crises that often precede them.

Doug Casey has been one of the top contrarian investing experts since he started in the early 1970s. He is deeply experienced and respected in the industry. This gives him and his staff an ideal outlook as they have a history of more than 30 years of successful recommendations and uncovering investment opportunities most investment managers not only miss, but never hear of until the opportunity has past.

Cons of Casey Research

Don’t misunderstand, this is not an investment manager service. Casey Research is an investment advisory service. It is up to you to act on the advice provided in the time which is recommend by Casey Research. Timing is key. Any delay in executing a buying or selling recommendation asset by just a few days, weeks, or months could greatly affect the investment return substantially.

In addition, Casey Research focuses on non-traditional investments, particularly precious metals. This is an area where not a lot of investors have the needed experience or understanding.

There are claims on the website of incredible gains on past investment recommendations, but there is no way we can objectively verify those results due to there isn’t a comproable investment to compare.

Want an example of the Casey Research recommended investment returns?

Here are three from the International Speculator:

A Latin American silver miner, up 146.7% in 17 months
An Australian-based gold producer, up 106.3% in 14 months
A Canadian-based gold explorer, up 392.1% in 26 months

While that is quite impressive, we could not find an easy way to find the investment recommendations that went south.


The financial markets are currently looking top heavy, especially with the unstableness politically world-wide. This unstableness can take markets into a completely different direction than is projected. What does this mean? Simply put, this could be the peak time to chose to move a portion of your portfolio into targeted contrarian investments. These investments may post significan gains from a major crisis or possibly a series of crises that would be profitable, while sending traditional investments into a free fall.

Subscribing to one or more of the options from Casey Research could be a good way to begin investing in contrarian asset options. We recommend you proceed with caution at first, and commit only a small piece of your overall investment portfolio.

Casey Research also cautions their readers that many of their recommendations in investments can be highly speculative when compared to more traditional investments. The Casey Research concept is certainly compelling to any investor, such as yourself, but the lack of trusted independent investment verification is something you should consider.