The Bill Bonner Letter Review 2021 **NOT Fake News!**

NL Brand Reviews - November 12, 2021

WARNING: Do NOT Allow the Leftists To Fool You

Alternative investment options such as The Bill Bonner Letter could be taken away from you by the Dems. Protect yourself with the true and don't let "Fake News" cloud your mind.

The Bill Bonner Letter is a newsletter by Bill Bonner.

It's published by Bonner and Partners.

When you subscribe to the Bill Bonner Letter, you also get The Crisis Money Guide, The Chicago Plan and Bonner's new book, Hormegeddon.

Our team has completed their The Bill Bonner Letter review and is implementing the advice contained therein. We'll also publish an overall Bill Bonner review on his general philosophies and courses. We will publish our results once they are available.

Cost/Price Plans - $49 / $99 / $129

Bonner promises its customers that they can get all of the information, reports, and books for a special price of $49. Unfortunately, when you go to the payment page, you see this isn’t the case. The Basic Subscription is priced at $49 and only provides a few of the digital reports and a year’s subscription to The Bill Bonner Letter.

To get access to all the digital reports, you will need to purchase a Premium Subscriptions which is priced at $99. The fee includes the full list of digital reports, as well as both a digital and a print subscription to The Bill Bonner Letter. Finally, there is a Two Year Premium Subscription. That is priced at $129 and provides all the digital reports listed above, and the digital and print subscription to The Bill Bonner Letter.

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The Bill Bonner Letter Refund Policy

You will have 60 days to determine if their newsletter and eBooks meet your expectations. If you feel, for any reason, that it isn't going to work for you and your investment portfolio, contact their Customer Service team by phone and request a refund.

Unfortunately, their sales page doesn’t provide a link to any Terms and Conditions, so it is difficult to know the full details of the policy.

Customer Service Contact Info

You can contact them by phone at 800-681-1765.

The Bill Bonner Letter Reputation

Bill Bonner Books

Bill Bonner Attorney General

Bill Bonner Better Business Bureau

Bill Bonner Complaint

There are very few customer reviews which could be substantiated.

It is highly recommended that you do your own due diligence before making any financial decision, which can include discussing with your financial advisor.

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