Textbook Money is an online software and training program developed by respected entrepreneurs Luke Sample and Jon Shugart. The training focuses on helping small business owners tap into the power of Amazon's Trade-In program and focuses on textbooks.

The testimonials from customers are overwhelmingly positive on this program.

Looking for Textbook Money Software? It is now Book Profits.

What is Book Arbitrage?

Simply put, it is the process of purchasing a product at a discounted rate and selling it to a customer base at a higher price which has a strong demand for the product. The difference between the purchased price and selling price is the profit on the transaction.

There are some similarities to affiliate marketing, but what is important to realize is there is no inventory when it comes to arbitrage.

Your garage and your spouse will thank you. 🙂

What is Book Profits?

The masters of Amazon Arbitrage, Luke Sample and Jon Shugart, take you through the process with step-by-step training of finding books and selling books on Amazon and other book sites.

This software has been compared to "The Kelley Blue Book" of the used book market and something you need to check out if you've been thinking of getting into it - you'll find Book Profits reviews here."

You can get daily pricing updates on 10 Million+ book titles which can save you a ton of time.

It was formerly known as Textbook Money, but the name change occurred as "Book Profits" is more descriptive of what the course actually does for customers.

Get Live Help Training straight from the founders of the program every Tuesday and Thursday.

Get fast help with rapid support time and come to their annual event held in Nashville, Tennessee.

In all, you get a great software product and fantastic support to boot. What more could you ask for?

You can visit the Book Profits site here.

Who is Jon Shugart

Jon Shugart, the CEO of Book Profits, has a Bachelors of Science in mathematics (with honors) from North Georgia University. Shugart also has a Masters of Education degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. 

He taught math at the high school level for four years and then studied computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

From his education and experience, he has built several multi-million dollar companies.

Jon is well respected in his community and has raving reviews on how he has helped many people turn their lives around financially and given them the freedom and security they have dreamed of.

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Who is Luke Sample?

Luke Sample, also known as "Lambo Luke" is an entrepreneur, who, along with Jon Shugart, created the Book Profits system, which can teach anyone how to do book arbitrage efficiently and profitably.

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Does Amazon Allow "Retail Arbitrage"?

Amazon does allow arbitrage, in fact, they welcome it. They have a policy which is essentially you can sell anything you want (within reason) on Amazon.

For example, you want to avoid products that are only allowed to be sold through authorized resellers, and avoiding selling counterfeit products for obvious reasons.

The term "arbitrage" has been around for a long time and is usually associated with the financial markets.

A simple example of "retail arbitrage" is you purchase a product through a major retail store, such as Wal-Mart, Target, Wayfair, etc. and then you sell the same product online or locally at a higher price.

The difference between what you paid for the product and what you sell it for is your profit.

Often, the product never touches your hand and you simply have the product routed to the buyer from the retail chain. It makes it far easier and also improves your profit margins.

Can You Make Money With Arbitrage?

This is the very system that Jon Shugart and Luke Sample have been teaching hundreds and thousands per year.

This was the foundation of their successful launch of Textbook Money, which is now Book Profits.

With their system, training and TextBook Money Software, you can make money with arbitrage focusing on the profitable textbook market.

Is Online Book Arbitrage Legal?

While online arbitrage is completely legal, there are areas business owners get involved in which can be illegal due to the lure of the market.

For example, you could source brands that do not allow their products to be sold by anyone that is not an authorized dealer or reseller. While this is a grey area in that technically it is not illegal, but it will most likely get you served a Cease and Desist (C&D).

Another area that is definitely illegal is counterfeit products. Doing arbitrage you might get lazy and not check the actual source and not realize they are counterfeit. Regardless, it is YOU that is responsible and you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. 

What is eFLIP?

eFLIP is a competitor to Book Profits, and is an online software for FBA sellers on Amazon who wants to do arbitrage. Simply put, the software allows you to quickly find low-cost products, (Book Profits focuses on textbooks), and then selling them for a higher price on Amazon's FBA platform.

What is Amazon Flip?

This is another way to refer to arbitrage opportunities on Amazon, where you buy the product on Amazon, and sell the exact product you just purchased for a profit on Amazon's marketplace. The product never gets shipped to you, instead, it is shipped directly to your buyer. 

What is Textbook Money Software?

Textbook Money Software was the pre-version of Book Profits created and supported by Jon Sugart and Luke Sample. It is the best software on the market to allow you to arbitrage textbooks right inside of the Amazon FBA system.

What is Textbook Arbitrage Software?

Also known as Book Arbitrage Software.

Simply put, you want to check out Book Profits.

What is FBA Mastery?

FBA Mastery is a product created by Peter Valley, which is likely a pen name or alias as there is no substantiative information that such a person actually exists. 


What is Zen Arbitrage?

Zen Arbitrage is the flagship product of FBA Mastery and created by Peter Valley.

How much does Zen Arbitrage cost?"

There is a 14-day trial and a "zero risk money-back guarantee." The monthly cost after the trial expires is $97 per month.