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DRB Capital, located in the heart of beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, and one of the rising companies in the structured settlement and annuity buying industry. They incorporated in 2014 in the state of Delaware. Their primary business focus is on purchasing annuity payments and structured settlements. The bulk of their purchases are directly from individuals who have received a settlement, usually due to a personal injury. They also offer services for pre-settlement funding through USClaims.

DRB Capital, a subsidiary of DRB Financial Solutions, LLC, operates as a privately held company. It currently employs more than 150 employees.

How Is DRB Capital Rated?

DRB Capital is a relatively young company in the annuity and structured settlement market. However, DRB Capital has solid financial backing with over $350 million in committed capital. Add this along with a seasoned and experienced executive staff and board of directors, and you have a stable and reliable company which you can trust.

Along with purchasing annuities and structured settlements with its "Best Cash Guarantee" it also offers pre-settlement funding. This is for those individuals who cannot wait to get their settlement. Reasons to cash out their settlement vary, but typically, the cash out is done to pay essential bills or to get vital medical treatment for themselves or a family member. Pre-settlement funding is handled through their sister company, U.S.Claims.

In our test calls to the company, we found the dedicated representatives were well educated, courteous, and helpful.

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Financial Stability

DRB Capital Financial Stability

In 2015, DRB Financial Solutions (DRB Capital's parent company) closed on a multi-year $50,000,000 revolving credit loan. This loan was specifically for funding its pre-settlement unit. DRB then partnered with US Claims, an established pre-settlement funding firm, to manage the funds. Additionally, DRB Financial closed on over $700,000,000 in multi-year financing to support growth in all divisions of the firm.

In 2014, US Claims reported $300M in funding in personal injury litigation. Because this company is privately held, there is no additional information available.

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DRB Capital Services

DRB Capital has been purchasing annuities and structured settlement personal injury claims since it opened its doors for business. They also offer what is called pre-settlement funding; however, pre-settlement funding is currently not available in all fifty (50) states currently. If you are seeking to make a pre-settlement cash advance, you can receive up to 20% of your expected settlement payment. Often, you can get the money in as little as 24 hours.

DRB Capital offers a unique service that no other competitor offers: Dedicated representatives. Instead of speaking to someone different each time you call, you talk to the same person who knows your situation inside and out and takes away much of the stress that comes from this process in having to repeat yourself over and over. Not with DRB Capital.

What Can DRB Capital Do For You?

Structured Settlement Buyouts:
Entire Settlement
Partial Settlement
Other Services:
Pre Settlement Payments
Purchase Lottery Winnings
Annuities not the Result of Structured Settlement (Personal Injury)
Disbursement Method:
Direct Deposit
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DRB Capital Reputation

As of 2015, DRB Capital LLC reported to be financially solvent and was expanding in all sectors of its business. James Terlizzi was hired as CEO in 2014 and brought with him more than 12 years of experience as CEO of Peachtree Settlement Funding and its associated companies. He was one of the original members of that firm.

DRB Capital LLC has a BBB rating of A+, with one negative review: a miscommunication was cited between DRB Capital LLC and a client, resulting in less than an expected settlement amount.


Also Known As:

DRB Financial Solutions, LLC
U.S. Claims
CRG Financial, LLC
Echelon Medical Capital
Producer Advance

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DRB Capital Structured Settlements
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1625 S Congress Ave STE 200, Delray Beach, FL, 33445
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