Selling Your Structured Settlement or Annuity:

What You Must Know

Chances are good you've been doing quite a bit of searching in Google lately. Trying to find the RIGHT information. Did you search for "sell my annuity"? or maybe it was "buy my structured settlement"?

Either way, the information that you found may not have brought you any closer to a decision or even helped you understand the process more clearly than when you started. One of the biggest problems with the internet is once people are trying to sell you something, the facts and the truth can sometimes get muddled.


We aren't here to sell you anything. In fact, we can't help you since you are out of the area of which we can legally do business in. Because of that all we can do is give you advice to hopefully put you on the path you've been searching for. Of course, we will make sure you are armed with information that will help you when it comes to buy settlement options.

Here are some of the annuities companies and structured settlements companies who can buy your policy:

  • Fairfield Funding
  • American General Structured Settlement
  • Client First Settlement Funding

First of all, we are not going to bore you by explaining to you what a structured settlement or an annuity is.

You already know since you have one or the other. Or even explain the difference between the two because let's be honest, you don't care about the difference, you just want to find a buyer to get you your money quickly.


So here is the basics on how it is done:

How To Sell a Structured Settlement:

  • 1Contact a company.
  • 2Request a quote.
  • 3Review the quote.
  • 4Compare the quote to others.
  • 5Choose the quote with the most cash and best options.
  • 6Sign the agreement.
  • 7Appear before a judge to have the sale approved.
  • 8Get your cash!

Watch for hidden fees

Your quote should be the cash you will get, not the amount BEFORE the fees are taken out.
Be careful for "bait and switch" type of offers.

Do annuity stipulations confuse you?

Such as: getting the court's approval, selling your future annuity payments and calculating the amount you’ll get, is sometimes very difficult and extremely confusing. So we've posted some answers to the most common issues and questions you might have. This can help you before you choose to sell your annuities.

Loans for structured settlements - you can get a loan, called a "pre-settlement loan" before your settlement funds to get you the cash to get you through short-term cash issues.

Settlement Funding Companies - these are typically the same types of companies with just a different name.

Structured Settlement Annuity Companies - this is essentially a structured settlement. People often classify them as annuities as they may monthly, just like an annuity does.

Remember, it is your money and if you don't feel comfortable, just hang up and call the next company. Want to call someone besides Pacific Annuity? See our list of settlement funding companies for help.