RECOMMENDED: TEEKA TIWARI and The Crypto Master Course

Confused about how to invest in crypto currency? This is the course you’ve been looking for:

Monster Pay Day for New Crypto Buyers

But what about Quantatex? We asked them for a course for our readership and instead of producting a high quality, in-depth course as Mr. Tiwari has, they put out three extremely short videos, one of which just explaining what “blockchain” is.

You need more information than that to make the right investment decisions, to which our status is:


Beyond the crypto course, we have been unable to substantiate the claims made by Quantatex on their website (listed below). We will check again in six (6) months.


– Invest with the UK’s No. 1 Blockchain Experts
– Team of professionals of over 50 years in financial markets
– Skilled Traders
– Qualified Analysts

Due to these reasons, we cannot, in good faith, recommend this company to our readership. We will, as stated above, review them in six months.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a cryptocurrently expert who has been fully vetted and we have made substaitial gains in following his methods and advice, click the link below: