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Trying to find a smart and fast way to "sell my annuity" or "sell my structured settlement" to achieve your life dreams? Pay medical bills? Or send your kids to college? Go to our services page for more information on how you can achieve your financial goals.



Annuities and structured settlements can be difficult to understand. Our job is to explain them in an easy way so you can make wise financial decisions for you and your family.


Structured Settlement

Sometimes the steady income from structured settlements is just not enough to cover your immediate financial needs. You need more. A lot more.

Why Sell Your Annuity or Structured Settlement Payments?

Financial priorities constantly change. Cars break down, houses need repair, your health can decline and student loans come due. Often these events happen just when you can’t afford them. Learn how selling your future payments for cash can be the solution.

  • Anchor your portfolio
  • Improve your home(s)
  • Help with your credit debt
  • Buy or improve a business
  • Finish your degree
  • Pay off student loans
  • Free Yourself from Debt
  • Buy Your First Home
  • Pay Medical Bills

Information In Action!

For additional information and advice on your money, we recommend Crediful. There you can get a free credit report, learn how to get out of debt, find the best banking options for you, and if you need a loan, how to get the best financing options.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free information on our site!  We appreciate your visit and look forward to continuing to help you reach the financial freedom you deserve. We've compiled a list of settlement funding companies to better help you make the right choice.

Rates & Fees

Transparency is key. Ensure you're receiving the lowest rates and fees for your structured settlement or annuity so you get the most money. Avoid getting taken according to Peter Valley.

Clear Solutions

Cashing out your settlement or annuity isn't always a simple process. There are many options out there and some are complex. We explain the process clearly and easily for you to understand.

Investments and Financial Planning

Getting the education and services you need to make your financial dreams come true is vital whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement. Doug Casey publishes "The Casey Report" to help you do just that.

Stocks and Cryptocurrency

Speculative investments like cryptocurrency have become of interest to the average consumer thanks in part to training that's now available, like the Smart Crypto Course by Teeka Tiwari.

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We do all we can to ensure your satisfaction with our services!

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