Nomi Prins’ Dollar Endgame: The Ultimate Escape Plan

NL Brand Reviews - August 15, 2023

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What Does ‘The Dollar Endgame’ Mean? Why Should I Listen To Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins once acted as your insider on Wall Street. She worked in big Wall Street banks, making vast amounts of money. But Prins decided to leave all this to expose the injustice she witnessed firsthand. This presentation from Prins is a look at what has been happening behind the scenes of our monetary system. According to Nomi Prins, the U.S. government has introduced the most significant green-back (dollar) price increase since 1971.

Renowned Financial Expert Nomi Prins Explores the Complexities of U.S. Financial Systems

Nomi Prins explores America’s economic and financial systems and their socio-economic complexities. Prins was known in the 1980s as she exposed deep-rooted connections between the infamous American bankers and the Federal government. She also foreshadowed the impending crisis in the U.S. economy and stressed the harsh reality of the imminent dollar endgame.

“The Dollar Endgame” is not a universally recognized term in the financial world. However, it is known to those on Wall St. and high up in financial companies, which refers to a scenario, theory, or prediction related to the future of the U.S. dollar. From being replaced as the currency of the world or switching to a digital version, the world is shifting, and change is coming.

A Government Program Sold to the Public as a Way to Protect the Financial System

In 1913, the Federal Reserve was established to avert future banking crises, among other objectives. Today, similar strategies are being employed, threatening the remnants of American liberty. In the Dollar Endgame presentation, Nomi discusses Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and how it could be the future sooner than we think. The transition is currently on track and is known as the Take Responsibility for Work Families Act. Several days later, however, the report had to be quickly deleted. Two alarming sections were found on page 314 of the more than 1,000-page draft.

What were those findings on page 314? Watch her presentation by clicking the link below to find out. It will shock you.

How Does Nomi Prins Distortion Report Work?

Nomi Prins’ Distortion Report lets you know how she analyzes her data daily, and he shares her results with you when she joins this newsletter. The subscription offers weekly recommendations on good investment portfolios, actions to take, and access to models. When you register, you’ll receive all of the reports she discusses during her pitch, including The Escape Plan. What’s it like to work as an investment banker with a hard asset base? She describes what you should invest in future investments.

Is Nomi Prins Dollar Endgame Presentation Legit?

Nomi Prins’ dollar-ending game has an authentic presentation. Nomi Prins is one of the most active investor experts on federal reserve reform and inequality in wealth. She first talked about government cooperation with corporates when she worked with major corporations. Prins wrote books about it, so whatever you say about her approach is credible. Aside from this, she isn’t alone in expressing fears of a dollar crisis.

What is The Last Dollar? How Will the New U.S. Dollar Work?

The United States might overhaul its financial system in the coming days. This shift could herald broad transformations in American fiscal practices. A day after, Americans might exhaust their physical cash reserves, marking the use of the last tangible dollar. From then on, every U.S. dollar spent may be monitored via a digital application. While some speculate that the U.S. government might utilize blockchain technology to track these transactions, others believe a different system exists. Regardless of the technology adopted, the impact will be profoundly disruptive.

Blame Visa, Microsoft, & Nancy Pelosi for the New U.S. Dollar System

Nomi's extensive research indicates a potential collaboration between Visa, Microsoft, and Nancy Pelosi to develop a traceable US Dollar.

This theory is further supported by evidence she gathered about several influential entities, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Federal Reserve, Joe Biden’s administration, and numerous US corporations, banks, and power brokers.

These groups are purportedly conspiring to revolutionize the US Dollar today.

Here's a breakdown of the findings and Nomi's rationale behind these claims:

  1. Visa's Move Towards Digital Currency: In November 2019, Visa took a significant step by filing a patent for a digital fiat currency, laying the groundwork for a shift from traditional cash.
  2. Microsoft's Innovative Technology: Concurrently, Microsoft has patented an advanced technology that can monitor movement, body temperature, heart rate, eye activity, and blood flow. This invention could pave the way for seamless digital currency transactions.
  3. Pelosi's Proposal: Nancy Pelosi is said to have introduced a bill named the “Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act.” Although this bill was reportedly leaked to Nomi and subsequently vanished, its contents suggested the creation of a new "digital dollar" and its corresponding "digital dollar wallet." Nomi dubs this revelation as “dot #1.”
  4. Biden’s Involvement: President Joe Biden's recent signing of Executive Order 14067 raised eyebrows. While many perceive this order as an attempt to regulate cryptocurrencies, Nomi views it as a diversion tactic from the main agenda - the phase-out of the traditional US Dollar.
  5. The Better Than Cash Alliance: Spearheaded by Bill Gates, the Better Than Cash Alliance is a conglomerate of some of the most prominent American companies, including Ford, Coca-Cola, UNICEF, Mastercard, Visa, and Citi, plus 80 global governments and significant international organizations. Their unified goal? Facilitating a global switch from cash to digital payments.

    This alliance is what Nomi terms “dot #2.”

  6. Bill Gates’ Larger Plan: Beyond the alliance, Bill Gates and some affluent elites reportedly have plans to leverage the new US Dollar format to impose government directives on the public. As Nomi suggests, the first step is ID2020, a digital ID initiative. The endgame? Consolidating passports, driver’s licenses, vaccination records, bank cards, transit passes, and medical records into a unified digital ID.

    This strategy is “dot #3” in Nomi’s puzzle.

Given the cumulative weight of these findings, Nomi urges everyday investors to act promptly. With powerful, influential figures like Bill Gates and Joe Biden and various global elites and corporations pushing to eradicate physical cash, the potential financial implications for ordinary investors could be significant.

Nomi's study hints at a collaboration involving Microsoft, and she associates the larger issue with entities like the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the US Government. The overarching question remains: Why are these powerful groups collectively working to transform the dollar?

Revealing Nomi Prins’ Escape Plan & #1 Gold Stock

Keeping an awareness of what is happening will help us protect ourselves. Here’s what Nomi thinks.

What is Distortion Report’s The Last Dollar?

Nomi has created an exhibition titled “The Last Dollar” to promote subscriptions for 2023. Nomi reports that U.S. government officials are working on a plan to eliminate cash to track cryptocurrencies. She blames a dozen critical figures for implementing this scheme. In the unlikely future, the United States will see its last billion in spending. One day somebody will pay for that last cash dollar, and we’re moving ultimately into digital trackers. Let me show how Nomi introduced The Last Dollar and the danger he had:

How to Profit from The Last Dollar

The Last Dollar presentation aims to show a simple solution to making money from the last dollar to change America’s financial situation. How can we benefit from the digital currency? Nomi recommends that you buy gold today. As currency prices rise, precious metals will likely increase. Buying gold now could save your fortune.

Step-by-Step Survival Plan for The Last Dollar

When the first dollar spent on American soil is used, an emergency is in place. Nomi suggests that investors take specific steps to protect their financial assets and make a possible gain over the next week and even months. Nomi expects to have more currency changes this fall. If you take the steps now, you can start protecting your money. How can you become an expert banker using the most dangerous asset on the planet?

The Dangers of America Changing Its Money

Nomi has said that the United States may spend a few dollars, which will have significant consequences. America’s focus on digital and tracked currencies can impact our spending habits. A new plan to reduce the money supply is soon expected to have many implications for U.S. investors; among those are the dangers of the U.S. change in currency: governments worldwide may be tempted to dump the USD and force the U.S. government to print money. Federal Reserve officials are planning a further escalation of inflation to preserve the U.S. dollar as an international reserve.

Implications for Every American’s upcoming events could lead the country into an economic collapse. It could affect all Americans. In this case, our response could affect the family and personal wealth.

Step #1

Keep crypto as an option if the bottom falls out, but focus on cryptocurrencies that have proven stable over time. And “Stable” is a different definition when it comes to cryptocurrencies. BitCoin is your safest bet as you don’t want to be stuck with a “hot crypto” that goes under and lose everything. Nomi’s assertions about the gold-based economy have clinched their fate.

About Nomi Prins

Distortion Report was founded by Nomi Prins – an international bestseller, journalist, and writer. He also served as the chief financial advisor at Bear Stearns, and she also served as a strategic consultant at Lehman Brothers. The company’s new newsletter, Distortion Report, is geared toward helping ordinary investors make better decisions and provides free information on the subject.