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Motion Attracts Trade Show Visitors

Motion Attracts Trade Show Visitors

August 29, 2018

Motion attracts visitors at trade shows. Sales increase up to 50% when motion is added to point-of-purchase displays. Trade show booths can also benefit from the use of motion. Use materials that attract light, like metallic foils and neon colors.…

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business insurance

Business Insurance Basics: How To Cut Costs Without Raising Risks

August 24, 2018

Business insurance is an easy expense to cut—since it doesn’t directly contribute to the bottom line like merchandise or raw materials. But cutting insurance can become a costly blunder when a major catastrophe occurs, and the business is not adequately…

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Lower Home Insurance

August 22, 2018

Ask for a discount if you have had your homeowners’ insurance with the same company for at least three years. Many companies reduce premiums by 5% for policyholders who have been with them for three to five years, and 10%…

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We Turned $30000 Into a $500,000.00/Year Business and You Can Too

August 20, 2018

Five years ago, my job at a major telecommunications company was eliminated. I was in my late 40s and unable to find suitable work in New Jersey. So my wife and I sold our home and moved to northern Virginia.…

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Build Confidence

August 17, 2018

Build the confidence of those who work for you and they will reward you by accomplishing more than even they thought they could. Useful: Stress their past successes, their individual and team accomplishments and regularly review what made those victories…

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Buy a Real Business

How to Buy a Real Business With No Money Down

August 15, 2018

Few people who work for small companies realize how easy it can be to buy the businesses that now employ them by using a leveraged buyout (LBO). An LBO is a term the financial community uses to describe the sale…

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Life Insurance – How To Get Much More Out Of Your Current Policy

August 10, 2018

When life insurance premiums become difficult to pay, many people consider giving up the policies entirely or replacing them with cheaper ones. But giving up an existing life insurance policy isn’t cheap. When you give up a cash-value insurance policy,…

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No Problems With Interruptions

August 8, 2018

Keep an interruption log for one week—to track the sources of your interruptions. Write down the list who interrupts you, when, for what reason, and for how long. Then figure out what you can do to reduce the interruptions. Also:…

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Wall Street

David Granger

July 20, 2018

Time-Tested Investment Advice from David Granger David Granger hadn’t planned a career as a stock picker. But during the 1920s, his two older brothers worked for the family’s Wall Street firm, Granger & Co., and their father wanted all his…

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Annuities Are Not For The Short Term

June 1, 2018

An annuity isn’t a mutual fund that you buy today and sell tomorrow. Nor is it a certificate of deposit, ready to be used at maturity. When you buy a tax-deferred annuity, you are making a 15 to 25-year commitment…

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