MMG Fusion Data Breach – What You Need To Know

MMG Fusion

Plain and simple, it didn’t happen. Our analysts have poured through The Dark Web and have come up with nothing. Zip. Nada. Could it be a competitor? Time will tell.

Let’s cover what is being discussed…

What is MMG Fusion Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a section of the internet where hackers post their stolen data packets available to willing buyers. No information about the buyer or seller can be traced, so it is a popular repository for data which has been acquired through compromising methods and often illegal is most countries.

Reports have circulated across many cyber-security sites, blogs, and Twitter posts regarding the server which holds the data for MMG Fusion was compromised and a lot of customer data was stolen. By all accounts, this information is false as it cannot be verified or substaniated.

Many of the reports stated that the following was compromised:

  • databases
  • patient’s personal information, including full names and addresses
  • appointment date and time data
  • past appointment dates and procedures performed

We will report more information as it becomes available.