Loan Applications

You may download applications for Automobile Loans , Personal Loans , Payday Loans , Extensions or Skip Payment Request.  Print and complete the entire loan application along with the required signatures.  Please select whether or not you want disability insurance and return applications to the NLRB Financial Consumer Union along with a copy of your latest pay stub. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the application forms.

PDF Fill-In Form Instructions

The PDF forms can be filled out online, but then must be printed, signed and mailed to the NLRB Financial Consumer Union.  To fill in the form, select the hand tool on the Adobe toolbar and click inside a box on the form.  An "I" beam will appear to allow you to type information.  Click in other boxes to get to different areas of the form.  Use the cursor to get to items on the same line.  Use the + magnifying glass to increase the type size for easier reading.  Click outside of the form field before printing because a field will not print if it still contains a blinking "I" beam.  For best results at printing, be sure to use the printer button on the Adobe toolbar to print instead of the one on your browser.


  • All Current Lending Policies Apply

  • All Rates Subject To Change

  • The NLRB Financial Consumer Union reserves the right to refuse consideration of a loan application submitted by a member who has caused the NLRB Financial Consumer Union to suffer any form of financial loss

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