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NL Brand Reviews - June 29, 2022
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Are you curious about Jeff Brown’s latest investment uncovering? His picks over the last few years have contained huge winners. Don't miss out on “The #1 Tech Stock Of 2022″ We Have That and More To Review.

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I learned about the stock pick and the subsequent pick probably just like you when I saw the subject line in my email inbox. The link took me to a site so I could watch Brown's presentation which was filmed in New Haven, CT (and the video mentions that Yale University is nearby).

Brown (known as an exponential tech investor) began hyping up the 5G revolution years ago, and his picks were solid. Brown ignored all the conspiracy theories on the installation of 5G as all of them turned out to be fabricated.

Good thing too, because some of those are just crazy!

Brown now discusses his highly effective investment strategy, including his work in the tech sector. I'm always looking for the next big tech trends for my portfolio, and Jeff has been one that has my ear, as his advice keeps my earnings in the double-digits.

You will also get the targeted early-stage technology companies that Jeff himself has picked.

And you will also get the stock recommendations that led Warren Buffett to become a fan of Jeff's work.

The technology Jeff Brown reveals in this video could be worth $100 billion by the end of the year. You still have time to cash in and get your share.
It is absolutely worth your time.

Want my unbiased review?

Continue below for my thoughts on The #1 Tech Stock For 2022 option from Jeff Brown and his estimated net worth.

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The #1 Tech Stock for 2022” is an online presentation by well-known and respective investor and advisor, Jeff Brown. In this presentation, he is advertising his newsletter service, called the Near Future Report.

This is an investment advisory service that we fully trust.

Additionally, the stock he is reviewing and advising on in the online video is a company that is in the technology space and makes semiconductor chips.

What is a semiconductor chip? It's a device made of interconnected electronic components that are etched or imprinted onto a tiny slice of semiconducting material, such as silicon or germanium. A semiconductor chip smaller than a fingernail can hold millions of circuits. Normally, these are just called "chips."

This company has designed a chip that will be used to access the 5G network which is currently being installed in many areas in the world. This could result in huge gains.

5G is predicted to completely revolutionize the way the world uses the internet. This will impact both our careers, how we buy things online, and how we communicate. Brown discusses that the biggest impact will be on “technologies of the future.” What are "technologies of the future"? Some examples would be: autonomous cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), hologram technology, robotic surgery, language translation without delays, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

That's a lot!

But it will also impact on things we use every day. The biggest of which is our smartphones. For example, Samsung has already started adding 5G capability to its new phone releases. In fact, Jeff showcases one that can use 5G.

However, the real reason Brown brings out a 5G phone is to discuss the company making the much talked about RF semiconductor chip inside the phone that gives it that 5G capacity. A rarely known company that may have a monopoly over the invaluable chip.

Source: High Technology Executive (Jeff Brown Tech Investor)

Note: Historical market data has proven that high technology businesses that generate high quantities of useful and in-demand products (think computer chip processors) often follow economic trends closely and rarely deter from known trends. Brown has a solid track record of picking up-and-coming companies when new tech is on the horizon. This is due to Brown's wide range of technology industry experience.

One of the biggest keys in investing in the tech industry is getting a jump on a stock before the mass market gets wind of it can be a huge boost to your portfolio.

This is great news if you are already a tech investor or an early-stage trader!

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Brown says that the demand for those chips by other phone manufacturers could severely boost the chip maker’s profits and lead to a strong surge in its stock price.

So far, giant tech companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Apple have placed orders for the highly sought-after 5G chips.

With these vital partnerships in place, its stock could soar in the next few years as strong demand for 5G-capable smartphones sharply rises.

Brown states that by the time 5G reaches mass adoption worldwide when up to 250 million devices will be purchased, the obscure company could see its revenue reach $3.5 billion or more.

Jeff claims, as the founder of Brownstone research, that in the new economy there will be 5 stocks that will soar. Becoming a tech investor early-stage investing in this company could be the cornerstone of your investment portfolio.

Jeff Brown's Research Services

Having the right information at the right time is the key to successful investing. Brown knows this is key as he has access to information that not just the public doesn't have access to, but most investors are not privy to. If you are looking to make big cash in tech investments, this is the edge you have been seeking. So stop risking your assets on speculative investments and high-stress bubble stocks and get with the proven resources of Brown.


Jeff BrownJeff Brown is a well-known tech analyst who has been in and around the tech industry not just in Silicon Valley, but also around the world, for more than 25 years.

He has been an active "angel investor" and focuses on targeting early-stage tech companies, particularly those working on game-changers; products that may spark new trends or be pivotal in major ones.

In his analysis of investment opportunities, Brown covers large-cap stocks, small-caps with the potential to become big companies, and early-stage opportunities that are ideal for short-term, fast-paced investments. Brown publishes his newsletters through Brownstone Research. He formerly published with Bonner and Partners (The same Bonner who founded Agora Financial).

Brown was born and educated in the United States, and he has spent most of his professional life working for international tech companies. Because of this experience, he has a unique global perception of business and investments. He has an eye for opportunities that other experts in the field routinely miss.

Having worked in the industry for so long, Brown knows enough about subsectors like technology infrastructure, IT networking, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, semiconductors, and video technology to give an insider’s take on the business side of things, and give you, the focused investor, the right information at the right time so you can profit on a great opportunity, through his stellar investment advice.

Before founding what is currently Brownstone Research, Jeff Brown spent a solid 25 years as a respected high-technology executive. He worked at an executive level for some of the best-performing technology companies in the world (Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Juniper Networks). Working closely with these bleeding-edge tech companies Jeff believes allowed him to begin seeing the tech trends which has allowed him to spot the companies that have greatly profited.

This experience makes Jeff Brown credible in the tech stock market, if not years in the making with future report pricing, making him a reliable technology investor.

Brown has Bachelor of Science degrees in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

Jeff claims with the current trends, the new economy (post-COVID-19), and the new Biden administration, there may be new tech trends never before seen in the US and world economies, along with new tech companies to enter these new markets which, if you invest at the right time, could be your ticket to not just an early retirement, but a better lifestyle right now. 

Jeff Brown Tech Investor & The Near Future Report - Your guide to beating Wall Street and retiring the way you WANT to retire!


In making this presentation, Brown, as an angel investor, wants you to get in on the ground floor of two stocks that he is entrusting to lead the charge in phases two and three of the highly watched and anticipated 5G revolution. If you are looking for stocks that have the potential of returning a million dollars or more, you've come to the right place.

To explain what he means by the two phases, he breaks down the profit potential of the new network rollout into three phases:

  • Phase one is the stage where people profit from building the network. Companies that lay down the infrastructure see their share prices soar.
  • Phase two is the stage where the network nears completion and devices that can access the network start to hit the market.
  • Phase three is the stage where companies that provide enhanced services will enter the fray.

We are entering phase two and the company manufacturing those 5G chips will be at its forefront.

To invest in both stocks, you need to get your hands on two reports: Phase Two: The 5G Device Every American Will Need and Phase Three: The Future of 5G Profits. Each of the reports has all the details you need to get in on those two opportunities early.

To access them for free, you must be a subscriber of Brown's highly respected Near Future Report. I am a member and it has been VERY beneficial to me and my investment portfolio. Brown's investment advice has helped me reach levels I would not have come close to doing my own research. Not every pick from Brown has been a winner, of course, but over the past two years I have been a subscriber, my portfolio is MUCH higher with his advice than it would have been without it.

The newsletter is edited directly by Jeff Brown himself and it provides you with investment opportunities related to the tech industry. The information Brown gives is often a step ahead of other investment advice newsletters and far ahead before the mass market catch wind of the opportunity.

Brown releases regular recommendations and updates and grants you access to his model portfolio.

Please note to not confuse The Near Future Report with an investment service. Brown's products are investment research services focused on giving you cutting-edge information so you can make better-informed investment decisions. Brown also highly advises relying on your common sense and only investing an amount, based on your risk level, you could afford to lose.


In addition to the two dossiers, you will also receive two extra reports as a member of Near Future Profit:

  • The Future of Cars is Now.
  • Amazon Coin: Two Ways to Profit From the Next Blockchain Revolution

The first giveaway delves into the self-driving car industry and the second is all about cryptocurrencies.


The annual membership fee of the Near Future Report is just $49.


Jeff offers you a rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee.


“The #1 Tech Stock for 2022” is legit.

As I was doing my own research, I realized that Jeff Brown is dead-on right when he stated in the presentation that the 5G rollout will span three stages. Currently, we are in phase two. Why not phase three? That is well into the future.

This forecast proves that Jeff is a tech expert and he knows what he’s talking about. Therefore, I strongly feel that we can trust his message as being factual and legit. That being said, as I commented before, he's not always right, but he has been right more than he's been wrong and my portfolio proves that fact. With that in mind, the #1 Tech Stock for 2022 may underperform.

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  • Each stock that Brown has recommended appears to have been done after careful and exhaustive research and analysis.
  • A subscription to the Near Future report is inexpensive when you compare it to other tech-centric newsletters.
  • Jeff Brown has shown an aptitude for finding early-stage opportunities and has the results to back him up. This includes biotech stocks that are based on technology with artificial intelligence.


  • The #1 Tech Stock for 2022 is not guaranteed to soar or deliver positive returns on your investment.



As the world has gone through previous network transitions (from 2G to 3G and then 3G to 4G), the investors who had picked the right stocks seemed to always be in a "prime position" to profit, and profit well from their moves. Other investment analysts are jumping onboard to recommend 5G stocks. For example, experts such as Ray Blanco and E.B. Tucker.

The #1 Tech Stock for 2022 by Brown is the pick that he has chosen to go with as the 5G rollout gathers pace. Having analyzed the logic behind it, I can understand why he thinks it is the right call. It may not be your key to riches but it will give you solid exposure to 5G if you are looking for some.

Jeff Brown's Near Future Report Review

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— and its impact on the stock market.