CAP Cash Flow Review

Who is Justin Ford?

He’s the brother of Mark Ford, a well-known and respected financial analyst. Ford is a top real estate investor and came up with the C.A.P. Cash Flow system.

What is the most significant risk of investing in real estate?

According to Justin, the looming peril is “the bubble.” The United States saw this bubble pop back in 2007, and real estate took a HUGE hit. Ford teaches in his course that you CAN “bubble-proof” your real estate investments and have a system where you can achieve a cash flow for the rest of your life.

According to Ford, making money in real estate is based on following his formula, and that includes four key areas of real estate.

Of course, the main reason people invest in ANYTHING is for the investment to appreciate in value. That is a no-brainer. But, according to Ford, the biggest mistake investors make in real estate is only focusing on the increase of the value of the property, also referred to as appreciation.

And yes, Appreciation is one of the four key areas.

Ford states that this unhealthy focus on Appreciation is what caused many homeowners, real estate investors, and even major banks were hit extremely hard when the bubble burst back in 2007.

Did Ford get whacked too?

No, he did not. He came through with profits and a stronger position.


Ford focused on what he COULD control, and that is his C.A.P. strategy. He realized early on that he had no control over the appreciation of his investments. Appreciation was completely market driven.

Learning from Ford and his system to create life-long wealth through real estate investing could change your financial life. Adding six, or even seven-figures to your investment portfolio is worth the investment in this course.