Amazon Secret Royalty Program: How To Profit?

NL Brand Reviews - August 30, 2023

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Discover the Intriguing Investment Opportunity of the Amazon Secret Royalty Program as Presented by Brad Thomas

Are you curious about the buzz surrounding Brad Thomas and his talk of revolutionary "royalty payouts" through the enigmatic Amazon Secret Royalty Program? If you've been following the Intelligent Income Investor, you have probably noticed the uptick in advertising about this program lately.

In his recent compelling presentation, Brad Thomas puts forth an alluring proposition—an investment opportunity that has the potential to unlock a new stream of income. He asserts that even Wall Street's elite billionaires have reaped rewards from this "secret" program. Astonishingly, a staggering $3.2 billion payout is purportedly looming on the horizon, supported by a noteworthy SEC filing.

Central to Thomas's narrative is the Amazon Secret Royalty Program's ingenious exploitation of an IRS loophole. Under this novel premise, individuals of all backgrounds can receive what can only be described as "royalty" payments from none other than Amazon itself.

Thomas states this covert initiative channels a slice of Amazon's substantial profits through an undisclosed conduit. This unveils an enticing avenue for individuals to secure their financial future and capitalize on this hidden distribution stream. Yet, as with any promising prospect, skepticism has emerged from certain quarters, casting doubt on the very existence of such a program and the veracity of Thomas's audacious assertions.

In light of these thought-provoking revelations, we felt compelled to embark on a rigorous investigation, delving deep into the intricate intricacies of Brad's vision of the Amazon Royalty Program. Our mission is clear—to furnish you with a comprehensive dossier of our findings, meticulously pieced together from our extensive research endeavors.

Amazon's Secret Royalty Program Revealed

Brad Thomas presents a captivating assertion about a hidden facet of Amazon's financial operations. He refers to it as "Amazon's Secret Royalty Program." This enigmatic program significantly distributes a substantial portion of Amazon's immense profits, which amount to billions of dollars annually.

During his recent presentation, Thomas highlights the existence of this program and claims to have uncovered a unique IRS loophole. This discovery has opened up an extraordinary opportunity for ordinary individuals to partake in what he terms "royalty" payouts.

Individuals can receive substantial payments, with a projected total of $28,544. This opportunity doesn't demand participants to hold Amazon stock, engage in product sales, or hold Amazon Prime memberships. This unconventional aspect underscores the accessibility of the opportunity.

Participation is simplified, necessitating only a basic brokerage account. In an analogy, Thomas likens the earnings to receiving a "secret dividend" from Amazon. It's noteworthy that despite Amazon's history of not paying dividends and an unlikely change in policy, individuals can still gain from this channel.

Interestingly, this program has remained a mystery to most Americans until now. Brad Thomas intends to illuminate its existence, emphasizing that even prominent Wall Street billionaires have quietly been benefiting from this undisclosed venture. This is substantiated by an SEC filing that legitimizes the investment.

Diving further into Amazon's structure, it's revealed that the company's far-reaching operations include over 40 subsidiary companies. One standout among these is Amazon Web Services (AWS), generating a staggering $80 billion in revenue through its secure cloud platform. However, an intriguing detail emerges—AWS does not own its most critical assets, the data centers that power its operations. Instead, Amazon largely leases properties from third parties, a strategy that extends even to warehouses.

An alluring thread of the discussion revolves around a key asset Amazon reportedly wants to purchase: its largest warehouse. Despite its substantial acquisitions, Amazon doesn't wholly own its warehouse infrastructure. Instead, it relies on leasing arrangements with smaller partner companies. Individuals gain a stake in a pivotal asset crucial to Amazon's operations by investing in these smaller entities. This unique ownership position allows for a legal mechanism to recover some or all fees paid to Amazon as "royalty."

Notably, the involvement of "Wall Street Billionaires" lends further credibility to this opportunity. A staggering projected payout of $3.2 billion underscores the significance of this venture for investors. The legitimacy of this endeavor is solidified by the presence of an SEC filing, adding a layer of assurance to those considering participation.

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How to Participate in Amazon's Secret Royalty Program

It involves buying Amazon's largest warehouse. The company collects a portion of Amazon shipping and shipment fees by owning the Warehouses. It's an appropriate moment to join Amazon royalty programs. Because the business is currently building a huge mega warehouse west of LA, it will become the largest Amazon warehouse worldwide and cover nearly 4 million ft2 of land. It was initiated in 2019 and is expected to be completed in the middle of 2018.

Brad Thomas: A Distinguished Authority in Investments and Real Estate

Renowned for his expertise in investments, Brad Thomas is not only an accomplished author of books on dividends, e-money investing, and various investment products but also a prominent figure in the realm of retirement investments. His prominence as an investor and an authority on these subjects is widely recognized. Furthermore, his professional journey extends to being an experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker, where he has advised clients on multifaceted aspects of the market, spanning sales, development, and marketing. With a focused research approach, Thomas has delved into undervalued stocks, a testament to his multifaceted investment acumen.

Wide Moat Research: Empowering Investors with Insightful Recommendations

Brad Thomas is at the helm of Wide Moat Research, an independent financial publishing company. With a team of expert analysts, this firm offers a spectrum of digital investment newsletters, emphasizing income-centric opportunities significantly. Wide Moat Research's distinctive approach centers on identifying companies possessing enduring competitive advantages, referred to as "wide moats," while also being dividend-paying entities. Thomas and his team's mission is to present top dividend growth ideas through their diverse publications, catering to investors seeking reliable income solutions.

A Speaker, Researcher, and Visionary

Beyond his written contributions, Brad Thomas's influence extends to being a sought-after speaker. He frequently takes the stage at conferences, seminars, and investment gatherings, sharing his insights and experiences. His overarching philosophy—that missed opportunities equate to missed potential—fuels his dedication to providing risk-free avenues for individuals to bolster their financial well-being.

Demystifying the Amazon Secret Royalty Program

Diving into the realm of the Amazon Secret Royalty Program unveils a distinct mechanism for generating income. Amazon employs a similar strategy just as companies receive royalty payments for utilizing essential assets. The focal point here is Amazon's extensive network of warehouses—a critical component of its operations. These warehouses are in high demand, with the business currently utilizing 319 million square feet of warehouse space, a figure projected to increase.

The intrigue arises from Amazon's unconventional approach. Instead of solely owning these warehouses, Amazon engages in a strategy of leasing space from independent small partners. By participating in Amazon's Secret Reward program, investors gain the right to own a stake in these pivotal warehouses. As products are withdrawn from these warehouses, Amazon incurs fees, and as an investor, you can legally obtain a portion of these fees through property ownership.

Investing in the Future: The REIT Connection

Brad Thomas's specialization in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) provides a strategic lens to interpret this opportunity. The investment involves the warehouse spaces Amazon leases, fittingly under the REIT umbrella. Brad Thomas claims his investment avenue aligns with Amazon's expansion trajectory, wherein added warehouses translate to higher fees Amazon pays for usage. These fees then materialize as dividends for savvy investors, capitalizing on Amazon's growth and operational prowess. Thus becoming "Energy Royalty."

Income-focused investing strategies that pay dividends are the investment strategies Brad Thomas seeks out and shares with his exclusive members.

Seize the Opportunity

Guided by the belief that missed chances equate to unexplored potential, Brad Thomas invites individuals to seize this risk-free opportunity. By joining the Amazon Secret Royalty Program, individuals can proactively secure their financial future and unlock their true earning potential.

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