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When it comes to the unthinkable, and your untimely death, protecting those that you love, often isn’t what you think about, and then it becomes too late. There are countless stories of happy, successful familes, which are shattered, not just emotionally, but financially, due to the loss of a spouse.

Prepare them for the future for life uncertainties and prepare properly. There are products and services to protect those you care about. Allstate can make sure your loved ones, those whom you cherish most, are protected financially, when it matters most. And isn’t that what you want?

Allstate Structured Settlements Phone Number

Insurance Claims: Do you need to file a claim, track a claim, or contact the claims department? You can reach them through 1-800-ALLSTATE or their website.

Allstate Structured Settlement Department

What benefit options do you have questions about? The benefits of doing business with Allstate is simple.

  • Power in Experience with over 85 years helping people just like you and your family.
  • Allstate has a solid A+ rating and has had consistent top ratings not just for years, but for decades.
  • 79,000 - our current employment force working hard for you, each and every day.

Allstate Structured Settlement

The Allstate 800 number and other toll-free numbers: You can reach Allstate direct at 877-810-2920. If you are hearing impaired, you can call 800-877-8973.