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NL Brand Reviews - June 9, 2022

Are We About To Enter a Golden Age of Biotech? You Won’t Believe What Jeff Brown Has To Say.

Tech Stock Expert Jeff Brown States This Will Rival the Crypto Boom

Could it be that "going back to normal" may never occur?

FACT: COVID-19 has changed our lives, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and the world. Permanently.

The changes are clear:

  • working from home has become the norm
  • ordering groceries online for either curbside pickup or home delivery is widely available
  • business conferences have moved to online

But what you may have not noticed, is the rapid growth and breakthroughs happening in the technology sector. What was deemed probably in five to ten years is happening right now.

The biggest breakthroughs are happening in the Biotechnology sector. Brown predicts we are just coming into a multiyear biotech bull market.

The pandemic caused experts to think differently and push the envelope when looking at vaccines to combat the virus in ways that have previously not been viewed as viable options. This new approach is going to allow for diseases to be cured at a rate never seen in human history.

What does this mean for investors like yourself? Simply put, it presents a clear once-in-a-generation opportunity for you to hit a grand slam.

The 2020 Rise of Biotech

If you're like most people, when you think of biotechnology, you probably picture scientists in white lab coats with test tubes and peering under microscopes.

Biotech is far more interesting than that picture.

Today, the biotechnology industry uses big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to make breakthroughs. What seemed improbable just a few years ago is now happening.

Here's an example:

Just a few months ago in March, an early-stage biotech firm called AbCellera did the impossible. A patient who recovered from COVID-19 had their blood sample sent to AbCellera. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to scan over five million immune cells in that sample, it was able to identify approximately 500 antibodies which directly allowed the patient to successfully fight off the deadly virus.

This biotech process of identifying the right antibodies could very well be the process needed to successfully treat COVID-19 worldwide. What AbCellera did use to take years to accomplish, but they were able to do it in just 11 days.

Yes, 11 days.

The industry, of course, took notice. Eli Lilly, a well-known respected pharmaceutical company partnered with AbCellera to focus on a treatment by using these antibodies.

And last month in June, AbCellera sent their COVID-19 therapy into clinical trials. AbCellera is the first company to do this. Of course, the hope is that these clinical trials are successful. If so, AbCellera could be allowed to get Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. If this happens, AbCellera can offer its new therapy direct to the public by the fall. Yes, by this fall.

This timing is vital as the second wave of COVID-19 is expected to hit in the fall with the cooler and dryer weather.

This is revolutionary work and the speed it was done in is remarkable.

Now investors are starting to take up interest, and rightfully so.

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Tons of Money Is Flooding Into Biotech

When technology succeeds, investors look to cash in. This is no different. The sheer potential in the biotechnology space has created high levels of chatter in every corner you can imagine.

Did you know that over half of all IPOs this year have been in the biotech space? Collectively, these companies have raised over $5 billion for research and production for new drugs. Could this be the decade that biotech stocks dominate to the point where the power of Moore's Law is harnessed and they realize exponential growth?

Jeff Brown says yes.

As an investor, you have to be paying attention to what is happening around you right now.

Let's turn the clock back to 2017. This was the year that cryptocurrencies were known by few people, and they went on a massive bull run. Bitcoin gained over 2,000% before the correction hit in 2018.

Brown believes the biotech market will have a bull run similar to what cryptocurrencies had in 2017. But, according to Brown, unlike cryptocurrencies, which were essentially backed with nothing, biotech companies are backed by cutting edge technology.

Brown believes the gains from these biotech stocks will be so massive that they will create "generational wealth." We are sitting at the beginning of what could be an unprecedented years-long biotech bull market.

Diseases, like COVID-19, which were previously thought to be untreatable, will be cured. And with the curing of diseases, fortunes are made. Don't be like the 99% of investors out there who are distracted by all the big-name biotech stocks that are featured on networks like CNBC. Very few are paying close attention to a small, niche area of the biotech market. In this market that Brown has uncovered, gains in the triple-digits can happen in mere days, and sometimes in just hours.

These stocks have a preset “timer,” thanks to the federal government, and it has been attached to their share price. How the process works is once the timer hits zero, the stock can absolutely skyrocket.

Brown calls these investments “timed stocks.” The gains these stocks are seeing or will see are larger and the frequently rate is far higher than we have seen in the past.

Brown says the potential of high gains investment in this market is unlike anything he has seen during his storied career. He invites you to learn for yourself in a special broadcast on Wednesday, July 15 at 8 pm ET.

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