Affiliate/Financial Disclosure

At NL Brand Reviews, we take transparency seriously.

Many advertisers and/or companies pay us a referral fee if you sign up for professional financial services, agree to sell a structured settlement or annuity, or purchase financial products after clicking links or calling phone numbers listed on our website.

The companies, products, and services listed on our website have been thoroughly researched, tested, and/or verified by our team of experts. Our opinions, views, and/or recommendations are never influenced by possible monetary compensation. If a product, service, and/or company is rated the best by our staff, it is not a coincidence that we also receive financial compensation from that company, it is due to we only work with companies we feel are the best in the industry.

Regardless of the time and effort, we have spent in research, testing, and/or analysis, we strongly recommend that you do your own research before deciding on a company to invest with, hire as a personal financial planner, or sell your structured settlement or annuity to.

We are independently owned, and the opinions, analyses, and recommendations expressed on this site are strictly that of our own writers, editors, and experts. We advocate strict editorial integrity, as our brand stands for trust.

During our review process, the one question we want to be answered is often the same question you have when comparing companies offering the same service, "What's the difference?"

This is where our analysis starts as we compare the different competing companies. Once the data from the different areas is obtained, numerical values of weight and importance are placed on each area to allow us to determine which company has the highest score and thus receives our top recommendation.

The main three areas we focus on are: Financial Stability, Customer Service, Types of Services, and Reputation.

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