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Just keeping money in a simple savings account often doesn’t give much of a return. Our advisors can assist you to meet your goals, even if you have very little to start with.

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Trying to find a smart and fast way to "sell my annuity" or "sell my structured settlement" to achieve your life dreams? Pay medical bills? Or send your kids to college? Go to our services page for more information on what we can help you with.

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Don't take unnecessary risks with your life savings. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and that includes investing. Nothing protects your money better than the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).


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Your mortgage is important to us and to have the trust to carry the mortgages of tens of thousands of our members is our top priority. Talk to one of our mortgage specialists today and learn how we can help you refinance!

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We have some of the most competitive rates and fees, and in some areas, we have the lowest fees available, while providing exceptional customer service.

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Getting a loan isn't always an easy process. There are many programs out there and some are complex. We make the loan process clear and easy.

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Getting the services you need to make your financial dreams come true is vital whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement. Contact us for a financial check-up today.


Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are still a solid investment option to give you consistent returns and keep your money safe.

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Latest News

Wall Street

David Granger

July 20, 2018

Time-Tested Investment Advice from David Granger David Granger hadn’t planned a career as a stock picker. But during the 1920s, his two older brothers worked for the family’s Wall Street firm, Granger & Co., and their father wanted all his sons to work together. So in 1925, David Granger joined the firm, and, for $125,000,…

JG Wentworth Commercial Song Lyrics

July 9, 2018

Do you remember this commercial? It first aired in 2008 and has become a main stable as one of the most hated, but most remember commercials of all-time. I have a structured settlement and I need cash now! Call J. G. Wentworth! 877 cash now I have an annuity but I need cash now! Call…

Mortgage Tips

Mortgage Tips For The Savvy Home Owner

July 6, 2018

When it comes to owning your own home, there is more to it than changing the air filters, trimming the hedges and mowing the lawn. You have to know the landminds that are presend in the landscape of the mortgage industry. Many loans which seem like good deals are padded with fees which make the…

Credit Unions Vs. Banks

The Long Debate: Credit Unions Vs. Banks

June 29, 2018

Many people are fed up with the high fees from banks and have considered taking their business to credit unions. By switching, you can greatly reduce the amount of fees you pay on a monthly basis and even earn more interest on the money you have in your accounts. The estimate is about $300.00 more…

Commonsense Rules of Financial Well-Being

Commonsense Rules of Financial Well-Being

June 14, 2018

If you want to become wealthy in your lifetime, and the sooner, the better, right? To become financially secure, you have to spend a few hours once a month thinking and planning to make it happen. People who put off financial planning or ignore its importance because they don’t have the time or assume they’re not…

Avoid These Top Five Tax Filing Mistakes

May 23, 2018

With tax season in our rear-view mirror, let’s take a moment and review the top ten tax filing mistakes from this past filing period, so you can avoid the same traps in 2019. Since most Americans prepare their own taxes, with a high percentage of using an online tax service, these mistakes continue to be…

The Pros and Cons of Structured Settlements: What You Need To Know

April 24, 2018

When it comes to personal injury and accident lawsuits, most of them never see the inside of a court room because both parties choose to reach a fair and equitable settlement. How this works is the plaintiff (the person who suffered the injury) agrees to stop any current or future legal action against the defendant…

What To Do When You Are Finally Ready to “Sell My Annuity”

April 6, 2018

Your focus is to find the right company to sell your annuity for the best possible price so you can put the most cash in your pocket. While that is your focus, there is a lot that you’ll need to do before you can get there. If you rush things, you could make a wrong…

Picking The Best Tax Adviser For You

March 12, 2018

Tax season is upon us again, and the age-old question of “Who should help me prepare my taxes?” is endlessly heard. Should you take the tip from your barista, your neighbor, your uncle who all claim, “I have the best tax person!”? Before you do, you might want to consider a different approach, especially with…

Pin Number Security

Protect Your PIN Number | Protect Your Account

January 19, 2018

Are You Careful With Your PIN? Most People Aren’t This is a no-brainer, right? Well, you would think so since the PIN is a direct path to your hard earned cash but the numbers are shocking. Americans are having their finances drained because of being careless with their PIN number. Mind you, this is not…

You Can’t Borrow Your Way Out of Debt

January 7, 2018

We live in an age where you want things now and pay for them later. Sure, you may think that promotion is going to come through with a pay raise, or the nice bonus, but human nature is you will spend long before you acquire and that creates debt. Because that “sure thing” sometimes doesn’t…